Claw or Prong Setting

Another mainstay of jewellery design is the prong setting where tiny prongs are fashioned into claws that grip a gemstone.

A claw (or prong) setting consists of metal pins that hold a gemstone in place and is one of the most popular settings used for diamond rings. The number of claws used depends on the ring design but generally 4 claws are used to hold a stone in place.


  • Claws do not appreciably obscure the area of the stone to be held, leaving its surface visible. This allows light to enter the gemstone, particularly a diamond, so that the light is reflected and refracted to produce a sparkle and brilliance not always apparent with other settings.


  • The claws of a setting can snag on clothing or hair and therefore bend or break.
  • They can wear out or come loose with time - however in both these cases they are very easily repaired.