The Channel Setting

The Channel Setting is a mainstay of jewellery design - extremely popular for Wedding Rings, Eternity Rings and ring shoulder accents.

A channel setting is a type of mounting in which diamonds or other gemstones are set into a channel made from two precious metal strips, the gemstones nestled side by side with no metal in between. The stones form a row that can run along a percentage of the band or the entire diameter of the ring.


  • Safe and Secure - Because gemstones are in a channel they are not easy to knock or fall out - they are literally trapped between the metal safe and secure.


  • Diamonds Less Visible - Since the diamonds or gemstones are held between metal walls they are less visible. As a consequence the setting produces less sparkle than say a prong set gemstone, where the setting is more open allowing more light to reflect and refract. However the setting is a classic and clean-looking style that will grace any wearer.
  • Hard to Resize - Since channel settings are precisely made the gemstones are
  • Cleaning - Channel settings can be hard to clean as you can't reach into the channels, however an ultrasonic bath does wonder!