Blog Post - Diamonds The 4C's
The 4 Cs
12th February 2017
Blog Post - Diamond Wedding Ring Settings
Settings Explained
21st February 2017

Bespoke Wedding Ring Design

Your Dream Realised

The Diamond Set Wedding Rings site is part of the Trojan Findings Group and as such comes with access to our design and manufacturing facility.

Using the best design methods and materials we can make your dream diamond wedding ring a reality. Drop in one of our shops or send in your design and one of our designers will get in touch to discuss the way forward and pricing.

Using your design we can design a wax model to give an overall feel of how the final piece will look. From there we can cast the actual item in whatever material you prefer. For intricate pieces we can cast in silver, as a mock-up, for you to try and get the exact fitting correct before casting in gold or platinum.


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